Certificate IV Business Student

“I think this course has taught me many new skills that I would not have if it wasn’t for this. I am more capable of things now then I was before. It has taught me good time management skills and how to manage my time a lot more effectively. It has taught me attention to detail; I look a lot more clearly at my work now before I submit it. I work harder to achieve a pass as I feel that it is something expected of me and I want to keep up with those expectations. I find this course very enjoyable as business is something I am passionate about, I want to study project management next year at Uni and feel this would help me get me get there. I feel like this has prepared me a lot more for the outside world as school spoon feeds you and this isn’t like that. I feel that this has brought a better side out of me then I thought I had and think I can go far in life with this new attitude. I would recommend this course to anyone I talk to as it provides good skills and helps you achieve what you want to achieve no matter what it is. I think the lecturers are great people and really help you to the best of their ability, without them you wouldn’t be able to pass the course. This course will help me achieve my goal of going to Uni and studying project management and possibly sports event management along with that. I am sure that with this Cert IV will boost my chances of succeeding in this course that I want to achieve well in. The course is great in the way that it has brought out a harder working side that I didn’t know existed before this course.

The course has has helped my History by looking at certain topics; I find that I now look deeper into sources for history and will go further to get the right answer. Presentations are now a lot easier for me in history as I have done them here and I am now confident of doing them anywhere. When I am writing essays or doc studies I find now that it is much easier as I can do things in a lot more detail.

It has supported my English work in the way that I can look into questions now and evaluate them a lot clearly now and in more detail. When doing presentations I am not nervous about failing because I know that I have done worse.”