Frequently Asked Questions


1. Is FEC a TAFE?
Fremantle Education Centre is a Registered Training Organisation as is TAFE. We both provide nationally recognised and accredited training. However, FEC is a private, not for profit organisation and is not government owned.
2. How does VET differ from school or university education?
Vocational education and training (VET) is competency based, meaning that individuals are assessed in a more practical way than in school or other tertiary education. VET courses accredit learners for job related and technical skills and most often adopt a hands-on approach to learning.
3. Will my qualification be recognised outside of West Australia?
All FEC accredited courses are nationally recognised. This means that your qualification will be recognised by all employers and other training and education providers across Australia.


4. How do I enrol?
You can enrol in any of our courses by contacting our Client Services staff at the office. You will need to complete an enrolment form and return it to us with your deposit. This will secure your place in your chosen course.
5. Do I have to have completed year 12 to enrol?
FEC courses do not generally have pre requisites and successful completion of year 12 is not compulsory.
6. How long is my enrolment period?
From your date of enrolment you will have a minimum of 12 months to complete your course. During this time you will have access to all of FEC’s resources and your trainer, who will assist you to successfully complete your course as best they can. If you need more time, FEC may be able to assist you with an individual arrangement.
7. What happens if my enrolment period ends before I have completed the course?
If your enrolment period ends before you have finished your course, you will still be able to continue your studies until you demonstrate competency. Additional fees per unit may be charged for marking your assessments after the enrolment period has run out.

Studying at FEC

8. How many days per week do I need to attend?
FEC courses are structured differently; some courses require attendance once a week and others require attendance three times per week. Please refer to the relevant course page for further information. Beyond class contact time, there may be additional off-campus time required for practice or other support work.
9. Are classes held on public or school holidays?
No classes are held on public holidays or during school holidays.
10. What if I miss a class?
At FEC we provide an adult learning environment which encourages students to take responsibility of their own learning. If you miss a class it is important that you ensure you catch up on the work you have missed, in order for you to gain the most out of your learning experience.
11. Do I need to keep a copy of my assessments?
We strongly recommend that students keep a copy of their work at least until they have fully completed their course. Assessments are evidence of your competency and can be very helpful in applying for jobs once you’ve received your qualification.
12. How will I be assessed?
Depending on the course you study, different assessment methods will be used. Some of the different ways we can assess your competency include workplace observation, written questions and answers, interviews, simulated scenarios and third party reports.
13. When will I be deemed competent?
Each student must demonstrate their own ability to meet the criteria of a unit of competency. The assessments have been designed to enable you to do so. It is important that the evidence, i.e. the work you submit, is your own and is not plagiarised.
14. Can I study flexibly or externally?
FEC provides students the opportunity to study flexibly and externally. Students who study flexibly will have access to all FEC resources and the support of their trainer but are not required to attend regularly. Flexible study is most suitable for students who have high levels of commitment and can manage their own learning.


15. Do I have to pay my fees upfront?
To secure your place in a course you will need to pay a deposit, which is a portion of the entire course cost.
16. Is it possible to pay for the course over a period of time?
FEC is happy to negotiate interest-free payment plans with individual students for a maximum of 13 weeks.
17. How can I make payments?
You can make secure online payments; pay over the phone or in cash at our offices.