Refund Policy


This policy exists to safeguard students in relation to course cancellation or a student’s right to withdraw from a program of study at any given time.

The Policy

Before any programs begin the FEC (Fremantle Education Centre Inc) will provide accurate and sufficient information to course participants that set out details of the total cost/fees. The FEC will safe-guard fees paid by participants. Full Refunds will be provided to course participants where FEC has cancelled a course or rescheduled a course that no longer suits a participant.

Where the student discontinues a course and requests a refund then the application must be made in writing. Refunds are made after FEC (Fremantle Education Centre Inc) has determined the refund amount less the non refundable deposit, and any fees attached to the part of the course that the student may have attended. Details of the refunded amount and monies kept by FEC, will be given to the student.

Details of the Refund Policy are to be made available to participants at program information sessions and are available in the Student Handbook.

Please note that the $350 deposit will no longer be refunded.