Challenge yourself and push past the boundaries to achieve your personal and career oriented goals. Our range of accredited and community courses help you to work towards a better quality of life and understanding. Get the promotion you have always wanted or change career paths. We can help you progress to the next stage of your journey.


FEC delivers a diverse range of training programs enabling you to study and develop your skills in a comfortable and conducive environment. Offering both accredited and non accredited courses, as well as short programs and international training, there is no excuse not to take the next step and enrol with FEC for a chance to learn something new or expand your knowledge.


"Empowering individuals to contribute to community and quality of life"

Short Training

FEC offers a diverse range of non accredited and community courses for both personal and professional development. Our curriculum includes both long and short term learning options. Short Courses Professional Development  

Accredited Training

FEC is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and offers a diverse range of nationally accredited courses to suit your needs. Accredited

Fremantle education centre

Fremantle Education Centre

FEC is a not for profit organisation returning all our resources to the community. The Centre helps organisations and individuals to focus on their future needs and aspirations. We provide consultancy services for an eclectic array of local, national and international programs that support and improve learning. Our vision is to alleviate poverty and helplessness through being recognised as a community leader in nurturing individuals to reach their potential. Our mission is to empower individuals to contribute to community and quality of life.


“The Fremantle Education Centre is the provider of the Business qualifications for our secondary students and we attest that their management systems are highly professional....

Kath Davey, VET Coordinator

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